Felix Knight


  • Project Assistant

Felix joined the Resilience Center in fall 2021 as an intern and is now a project assistant for the gaming initiative. Their background designing engaging games and interfacing with the industry has guided the research of gaming initiative projects and the formation of partnerships with promising independent game studios. 

Knight graduated from DigiPen in Redmond, WA in Spring 2021 with a bachelor of arts in game design. There, they also worked as a student ambassador, a teacher’s assistant mentoring other students on the games they developed, and ran the school’s Wellness Club. They were nominated to give their cohort’s student graduation speech, in which they called on their peers to take on worldly issues like climate change through their careers. 

With an industry internship at Adept Games and more than a dozen complete student games under their belt, they joined the International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) Climate Special Interest Group in search of work saving lives with effective climate mitigation and resilience solutions, which led them to the Resilience Center. They hope to reshape the games industry into a force for equitable, sustainable change empowering players of all demographics. 

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