Policy Solution

Property tax rebate program



Summary: Installing green and blue infrastructure can reduce the urban heat island effect as well as improve stormwater management. Property tax rebates can incentivize developers to build green and blue infrastructure.

Implementation: Establish a property tax rebate program for new properties or substantial rehabilitations that include green and blue infrastructure.

Considerations for Use: These investments are most likely to be made by developers or property owners of projects with substantial capital to invest.

  • Policy Levers: The mechanism municipalities can use to actualize the intervention. These policy levers will likely be used in combination with each other.

    IncentiveFinancial and non-financial incentives to encourage stakeholders to implement heat risk reduction and preparedness solutions, including rebates, tax credits, expedited permitting, development/zoning bonuses, and more.
  • Trigger Points: Opportunities for municipalities to implement risk reduction and preparedness interventions based on the policy lever, building on the United Nations Environment Programme triggers used in the Beating the Heat handbook (2021).

    City planning processesIncludes city initiatives such as the development of climate action plan, pathway to zero-energy, master plan, transit plan, energy mapping etc.
  • Intervention Type:
  • Sectors:


  • Target Beneficiaries:
    Property owners
  • Phase of Impact:
    Risk reduction and mitigation
  • Metrics:
    Number and location of participating properties


  • Intervention Scale:
    City, State/Province
  • Authority and Governance:
    City government, State/provincial government
  • Implementation Timeline:
    Short-term (1-2 Years)
  • Implementation Stakeholders:
    City government, Private developers, Property owners and managers
  • Funding Sources:
    Public investment
  • Capacity to Act:


  • Cost-Benefit:
  • Public Good:
  • GHG Reduction:
  • Co-benefits (Climate/Environmental):
  • Co-benefits (Social):
    Save on utilities