Rick Miller


  • Deputy director, Resilience Hubs

Rick Miller joined the Atlantic Council in 2021 as the deputy director and program manager for the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center Resilience Hubs program.  In this role, he manages a subrecipient grant from Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity Rebuild Florida Program to develop a Miami-Dade Countywide Resilient Hub Network Strategy. This will build capacity in local communities before, during, and after emergency situations and better engage with the citizens.  

Miller leads a consulting and technology integration practice focused primarily on operational excellence across a variety of industry sectors.  His work has included projects and programs in resilience initiatives, operations centers, continuity of operations, defense issues, maritime interests, logistics technologies, and non-profit program development. 

Previously, Miller was an executive for a large, global maritime ship operator.  He is a retired US naval officer who, in his prior military career, had both command at sea and significant staff experience at the Pentagon.  He deployed globally on multiple occasions, led Department of Defense operations in Latin America, and led development on portions of dozens of annual and supplemental defense budgets working with the Office of Management and Budget and Congress.  He is also author of the book Funding Extended Conflicts: Korea, Vietnam, and the War on Terror. Miller is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, Catholic University, and a distinguished graduate of both the US Naval and National War Colleges.