Individual and community resilience

Arsht-Rock is committed to understanding and promoting the abilities of individuals and communities to thrive in today’s unpredictable world. Using storytelling, digital tools, and artistic methods to showcase the lessons learned from past adversities and crises, and build new skills and techniques, this work will help individuals and communities increase their capacity to face inevitable disruptions and overcome challenges.

The Challenge

Living in inadequate housing, in flood-prone areas, or through extreme heat events without proper access to food, water and cooling are only some of the norms vulnerable groups are enduring today. At the same time, nearly 1 billion people are forcibly displaced and migrating within their regions or across the globe—driven by climate-related disasters, conflict, famine, or poverty.

3 billion

people are predicted to make up the slum population worldwide in 2050.


Enable individuals and communities to understand, withstand, adapt to, and recover from adversity—improving their lives and livelihoods.

The magnitude of climate change and related threats is worsening at an alarming rate. The most vulnerable among us—those affected by racial, social, and economic inequality—are also the most susceptible to these challenges.

Arsht-Rock is working to identify actions that support individuals and communities to understand and enhance their adaptive capacity to both natural threats and human vulnerabilities over the long term.

From leveraging existing, proven strategies from our research and with on-the-ground partners, and deploying local, multi-benefit interventions, to creating global educational campaigns, digital tools, storytelling, and the arts, we are working to decrease the risk posed by changing, challenging circumstances and disruptions our societies increasingly face.

We are committed to engaging and empowering people by meeting them where they are and helping communities to help themselves—building a more secure and equitable future for all.


Resilience in action

Explore our resilience solutions to learn about how Arsht-Rock is creating enabling conditions for individual and community resilience.

Urban Horticulture Initative

The Urban Horticulture Initiative builds local resilience by applying nature-based solutions, like its Mobile Vegetable Garden Kits program, to counter the adverse effects of extreme heat and related needs, such as food insecurity. 

Explore the Urban Horticulture Initiative

US Climate Resilience Map: Pathways for City Solutions

Arsht-Rock’s US Climate Resilience Map is a publicly available, interactive map that strives to build the resilience of people and communities across the United States through the clear identification of climate risks and social vulnerabilities and the corresponding solutions to address them.

Explore the US Climate Resilience Map

Community Resilience Pod

Arsht-Rock is deploying Community Resilience Pods across cities globally to build new knowledge and climate resilience skills to improve lives within their most vulnerable communities.  The first mobile prototype, a 40-foot shipping container completely powered by solar, was deployed in Miami-Dade County in 2020. 

Explore the Community Resilience Pod